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Hurry to English Web launch event!

Say ‘Congrats!’ and win a gift voucher


“Hurry to participate in the English newspaper Web site event!”

Busan City holds an event for its upgraded English newspaper Web site until July 31. Celebrating the Web site renovation, Busan holds an event for foreign readers on the Web site (


To participate in the event, click on the subscription banner on the front page of the Web site and sign up for a subscription and leave a congratulatory message in the community menu. In the case of previous subscribers, you can just leave a well-wishing message to qualify.


Twenty people will be selected to win a 20,000 won ($17) gift voucher. If selected foreigners reside outside of Korea, 20,000 won worth of Busan souvenir will be provided instead. The winners will be announced on Aug. 6 on the Web site.


Front page of the newly upgraded Busan City’s English newspaper Web site



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