Festivals for all four seasons

2010 festivals and events

There are numerous large international and regional festivals, exhibitions and cultural events on the agenda in Busan this year, offering something for everyone.

Performing arts will take top billing this spring, while the Busan Sea Festival later in the year will provide a refreshing break from the summer heat.

The Pusan International Film Festival- now one of the largest and prestigious movie events in the world 's kicks off when the leaves start to change colors, while G Star 2010 will heat up the winter for computer game fanatics.

Following is a list of the various cultural, music, business and sporting events scheduled for this year.                   

Cultural colors

From the Busan International Performing Arts Festival, or BIPAF in May to a fireworks extravaganza at the end of October, Busan is set to offer a host of cultural events this year.

Busan International Performing Arts Festival (May 1 - 10/Busan Cultural Center, etc.)

The Busan International Performing Arts Festival provides visitors with a chance to enjoy famous Asian and Western plays. Founded in 2004, BIPAF helped raise Busans status as a cultural hub of Korea. Plays from America and Japan will be held at various theaters and outdoor performance stages all across the city.

11th Busan International Rock Festival (Aug. 6 - 8/Dadaepo Beach)

This popular festival is held in Busan every summer, drawing legions of rock fans from around the region. It ranks as the only rock festival in Korea that takes place near the sea. Since its inception in 2000, the event has become one of the prime international music festivals in the country. Many famous top rock bands and musicians from Korea, America and Japan are scheduled to participate.

15th Busan Sea Festival (Aug. 1 - 9/Haeundae Beach, etc.)

The Busan Sea Festival started in 1996 and has become the largest event of its kind, highlighting the citys marine industry. The festival features 30 events that citizens can participate in and various activities including a fireworks show, a beach parade and a singing contest.

5th Busan International Magic Festival (Aug. 4 - 8/ BEXCO, etc.)

The Busan International Magic Festival will create plenty of oohs and ahhs for the fifth consecutive year, hosting an array of world-famous magicians.

This is the only magic festival in Korea, featuring homegrown performers as well as magicians haling from America, France and Germany. There will be a dozen kinds of events including a magic gala show, a magic competition and a childrens magic show.

15th Pusan International Film Festival (Oct. 7 - 15/ Haeundae, Nampo-dong)

Every fall, the city takes center stage in the world of film as it hosts one of the industrys premiere events.

Held for the 15th time this year, the Pusan International Film Festival has become the centerpiece of the Asian movie community and is gaining a reputation globally as well. PIFF is famous for drawing an enthusiastic audience and top directors and producers from across the world.

Jagalchi Festival (Oct. 13 - 17/ Jagalchi Market)

Each October, local residents gear up for Koreas largest fisheries event, which is held annually at the renowned Jagalchi Market.

This years festival is promoting the catchphrase Oiso, boiso, saiso,  or come, see, buy.

The Jagalchi Festival offers a whole host of experiences and activities and ranks as the largest fisheries gathering in Korea. The market is a symbol of Busan and is well known among foreigners as well.

6th Busan Fireworks Festival (Oct. 29 to 30/Gwangalli Beach)

The Busan Fireworks Festival is no longer an event solely for people living here.

Aside from becoming more popular with people who live across the country, the festival also now draws plenty of visitors from the neighboring countries of Japan and China.

The event has become a top tourist draw and has become one of the citys featured annual festivals.

This year, 100,000 fireworks will explode over the Gwangan Grand Bridge, presenting a fabulous backdrop that will remain in your memory for years to come.

Exhibitions in focus

Over 20 international exhibitions are scheduled to be held in Busan this year, confirming the citys status as a great place to hold a convention. 


2010 Busan International Motor Show (April 29 - May 9/BEXCO)

The Busan International Motor Show is like a fashion show for the automobile industry. Here you can see some of the most eye-catching automobiles made in Korea and other countries.

Aside from cars, the event will display motorcycles, campers, concept vehicles and the latest in auto technology from the worlds leading companies in the industry.

Side events include remote-controlled car racing competitions and a car audio area. 

Busan Contents Market (May 13 - 15/BEXCO)

This exhibition is one of the primary drivers behind Busans ascent in the media industry from an international perspective. The event brings together broadcasting and new media content buyers with sellers and investors from Korea and overseas. The idea is to spur more business and promote trade, investment and other exchange efforts in the industry as well as cultivate new content and digital media.

AD Stars 2010 (Aug. 26 ~ 28/Haeundae)

The worlds first advertisement event combining traditional and online content will kick off this year at the end of August.

Busan International Advertising Festival represents an ideal event to get a finger on the pulse of the advertising world. Now in its third year, the conference screens interesting and unique advertisements from all over the world. Side events ? including a contest for young rising talent ? will be held as well.


2010 IT EXPO Busan (Sept. 8 - 11/BEXCO)

This exhibition aims to highlight the latest and greatest in IT technology and products all in one place. More than 200 of  IT companies will join the event including small and midsize domestic firms and overseas multinational giants. There are a host of other side events and activities too, such as an area focused on robotics.

Busan International Seafood & Fisheries EXPO (Nov. 11 - 13/BEXCO)

The Busan International Seafood & Fisheries EXPO, now in its eighth year, is an international exhibition that has received official recognition from UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry. It is Koreas largest seafood and fisheries exhibition, bringing together organizations and buyers from across the world.

The expo provides a chance for industry players to swap information related to seafood, fisheries machines and the industry in general.

G Star 2010 (Nov./BEXCO)

Koreas largest computer and video game exhibition, G Star 2010 will display new technologies and products from famous game companies from various countries. Nearly 200 companies participated last year, including the worlds largest game company - Blizzard Entertainment - and Korean giants NCsoft, Nexon, Neowiz Games, NHN, M Game, We Made Entertainment, YD Online and CJ Internet.



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