Sweet sounds of music at the edge of the sea

Festival offers opportunities to enjoy numerous concerts,

other performances on area shores

Where can you work on your tan, enjoy the cool ocean water and catch some live music all at the same time? Look no further than the Busan Sea Festival. The festival is a highlight of the summer in Busan and will be held for the 15th time this year. Officials behind the event expect that 1 million visitors will filter into this year's festival, making it one of the biggest gatherings here this summer.

Are you ready to rock? Festival kicks off with high-energy concert

This year's Busan Sea Festival will be held from Aug. 1 to 9 at Haeundae, Gwangalli, Songjeong, Songdo and Dadaepo beaches, featuring various activities and performances.

The festival kicks off on Aug. 1 at Haeundae with an opening performance that includes some of today's hottest bands. Last year's event included Girl's Generation, Nobrain, Koyote and 2AM.

The Busan International Rock Festival - which ranks as the Busan Sea Festival's largest event - will take place from Aug. 6 to 8 at Dadaepo. Last year's event boasted a total of 35 performers including the Kimchangwan Band, YB Band and Baekdusan as well as Overkill from the United States and Anna Tsuchiya from Japan. This year's event will be just as exciting, featuring famous bands from Korea and overseas.

Other events in the lineup include the Busan International Hip Hop Festival (Aug. 2 to 3 at Haeundae) and the Busan Beach Skateboard Competition (Aug. 7 to 8 at Haeundae).

Family fun on the beach

Parents, prepare to pack up the kids and head to area beaches. A number of events are geared toward families, including the Musical Gala Concert (Aug. 8 at Haeundae), the Open Music Concert (Aug. 9 at Gwangalli Beach), the Green Concert (Aug. 7 at Haeundae), the Super Concert (Aug. 6 at Haeundae) and the Songjeong Korean Folk Concert (Aug. 6 at Songjeong).

Additionally, be sure to check out Asia's largest magic show - the Busan International Magic Festival - from Aug. 4 to 8 at Haeundae BEXCO, and the Biki Film Festival, also from Aug. 4 to 8 at Songjeong and Songdo.

It's an all-ages party in the ROK

While some of the high-profile events tied to the festival are geared toward the younger generation, there are plenty of activities catering to families, seniors and other groups as well.

The 7080 Concert, which was held for the first time last year at Haeundae Beach, has received rave reviews.

This year's concert will take place at Songdo Beach on Aug. 4. Singers and bands that rose to the top of the charts in the 1970s and 1980s will take the stage once again, performing many of the songs that made them popular decades ago.

Other events include Summer Night of Salsa (Aug. 6 at Haeundae); the Hyeon-in Song Festival (Aug. 7 to 8 at Songdo), which aims to introduce new singers in various genres to the public; and the Dadae Fountain Concert (Aug. 3 at Dadaepo), which is geared toward families and couples. 

Ice and water sports

For visitors looking for something a bit more unique, the Busan Sea Featival offers everything from an Ice Park (Aug. 5 at Haeundae) to various water-sports activities such as canoeing and rafting (Aug. 1 to 8 at Gwangalli Beach and the Yachting Center) as well as the Summer Funny Land event (Aug. 2 to 8 at Gwangalli, Songdo, Songjeong and Dadaepo). Also, a local marine product market will be held (Aug.1 to 8 at Haeundae).



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