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Sizzling summers on the south coast

Mention summer, and thoughts invariably turn to beaches and playing in the water. But Busan City has some bigger plans in mind.

Among the festivals being staged this year are the Busan Sea Festival, the Busan International Rock Festival, the Busan International Magic Festival, the Busan International Hip Hop Festival and the Busan International Kids¡¯ Film Festival.

The Sea Festival is lining up various genres of entertainment on a grander scale than last year, while the Rock Festival has moved to Samnak Riverside Park and is now offering camping, like all the best rock festivals. For the lowdown on all the other fun being planned for Busan City¡¯s festivals throughout August, read on. Song Ja-eun

Let¡¯s get wet!

Busan Sea Festival

One of the Busan City¡¯s three biggest festivals (along with the Busan International Fireworks Festival and the Busan International Film Festival), the Busan Sea Festival will take place at six beaches, including Haeundae Beach, from August 1 through 9. The festival has grown even larger since last year, and now includes an opening event, an international event, an experience event, a performance event and a marine sports event.

The opening event begins with the Black eagle air show and Shanghai circus team¡¯s celebration performance, along with various kinds of music. The opening event is rounded off with a spectacular fireworks show.

The experience event includes a fin swimming class, marine leports experience, a bikini contest and a special event for visitors from overseas. This Foreigners¡¯ Night will comprise a dance party and a celebratory concert that offers all spectators the chance to experience traditional Korean culture. The performance event includes a youth group sound contest and ¡°top of the world¡± model contest.

Busan City has also prepared one-day tours of the city to run alongside the festival. In daytimes, the main pastime on the tours will be yachting, while at night, the tour will connect with the Busan City Tour Bus so visitors can get to the venues and performances easily.

Get ready to rock!

Busan International Rock Festival











The noise from Busan City¡¯s premier rock event is enough to blow the lid right off the summer heat. Drummers pound their drum kits, guitarists let rip with raucous solos, and crowds whoop with delight. During this festival, Busan City is ready to rock.

Now in its 12th year, making it the oldest rock festival in Korea, the Busan International Rock Festival runs from August 5 through 7 at its new venue, Samnak Riverside Park in the Sasang District.

The Busan event has done much to popularize rock festivals in Korea, and every year it welcomes rock fans from around the country for a joyous musical celebration of the summer.

This year¡¯s theme is ¡°Sea, Youth, Love¡± and 26 bands from six countries will participate. The Korean performers YB, Buhwal, Crying Nut, No Brain and Kim Chang-wan Band will be joined by MRYGYA Band, Chthonic and Mongol800 from overseas.

The festival is also opening up a camping town this year, providing another way for revelers to join in with the festival spirit.

Busan City will run two shuttle buses from Gupo Station, Gimhae International Airport and Sasang District intercity bus terminal, so visitors can get to the venue easily.

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Crowds living it up at the Busan International Rock Festival, which is a big draw for rock fans every year.


Put your hands up

Busan International Hip Hop Festival

DJs and rappers will be dropping beats of a different kind at the Busan International Hip Hop Festival, another event that promises to light up the Busan summer.

The festival takes place at Dadaepo Beach, and will include performers chosen from among teams from nine countries. In the final rounds of performances on August 3, B-boys from Korea and overseas will face off, and a dance party and DJ battle will whip the crowds up into a frenzy.

Participants from Canada, the United States, Japan and China will be taking part in the final rounds, which will include a round of 10, a quarter final, a semi final and the final.

Set against the sunset of Dadaepo Beach and the fountain show, the hip hop festival is sure to be a gleaming new addition to Busan City¡¯s summer itinerary. 

One and only kids¡¯ film festival in Korea

Busan International Kids¡¯ Film Festival

Korea¡¯s one and only children¡¯s film festival, the Busan International Kids¡¯ Film Festival, is once again preparing to welcome its young fans from around Korea and beyond. This year, the festival¡¯s theme is ¡°Hero Wanted!¡±

Korean 3D animation ¡°Katuri: A story of a mother bird¡±  (¡°Eomma Kkaturi¡±) has been chosen to open the festival. Based on a story book with the same title, ¡°Katuri: A story of a mother bird¡± tells the story of a mother¡¯s love through the everyday lives of a mother and nine brothers.

Another film on the opening line-up, ¡°Kabi,¡± a joint American-Indian production, is about a child slave in the 21st century. Kabi battles reality to realize his dreams, making the audience recognize the importance of dreams and hope.

The closing film will be ¡°Green days¡± (¡°Sojunghan Naleui Ggeum¡±), a Korean animation. Taking 10 years to complete, ¡°Green days¡± muses on the value of dreams and growing up in pure and innocent times.

A total of 41 films will be competing in the festival: 19 films in the ¡°Ready Action¡± category (for kids aged from 6 to 12), 10 films in ¡°Action 1318¡± (aged 13 to 18) and 12 films in ¡°Action 19-24¡± (aged 19 to 24).

The winner of the competition section will win the chance to be a judge at next year¡¯s film festival, and to participate in a major children¡¯s film festival overseas.

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Enter a world of magic and mystery

Busan International Magic Festival

With a wave of the wand, a white bunny pops out of the hat and cards fall from the magician¡¯s hand. A coin is pulled from a little boy¡¯s ear, as another performer juggles numerous balls that never quite drop to the ground.

This is the amazing world of magic, and from August 4 to 7, it arrives at the Busan International Magic Festival.

Magicians including Charming Choi, Lim Jae-hoon, Yoo Hyun-min and Tempei, David Williamson will be wowing crowds with their trickery.

On August 4 at the Haeundae Beach outdoor special stage, Korea¡¯s number one magician Charming Choi will hold the festival¡¯s opening show.

Also on the line-up are the ¡°Daytime Magic Gala Show¡± with world famous jugglers and magicians, the ¡°Night Magic Gala Show,¡± considered the highlight of the Busan International Magic Festival, and the Busan International Magic Competition, where the rising stars of Asian magic will face off in a battle of magical skills.

Booths will be selling magical equipment from around the world. Also, the last day of the festival will see the Busan International Magic Competition Final and a BIMF Special Winner Show.

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2011 Busan Festival Schedule




August 1

Opening Ceremony

Haeundae Beach

August 1

Black eagle air show

Haeundae Beach

August 1~7

Busan Beach festival one day tour

Haeundae Beach, down town

August 1~9

Haeundae Beach bikini contest

Haeundae Beach

August 2

Youth group sound contest

Haeundae Beach

August 2

Top of the world model contest

Gwangalli Beach

August 2

Shanghai circus team's celebration performance

Haeundae Beach

August 2~7

Marine leports experience

Yachting stadium

August 3

Musical gala concert

Haeundae Beach

August 3~4

Foreigners¡¯ Night

Haeundae Beach

August 4

Busan International Magic Festival

Haeundae Beach

August 5

Busan International Hip Hop Festival

Dadaepo Beach

August 5

Songjeong Beach concert

Songjeong Beach

August 5~7

Busan International Rock Festival

Samnak Riverside Park

August 6

Gwangalli Beach concert

Gwangalli Beach

August 6~7

Yachting/wind surfing competition

Yachting stadium/Songdo Beach

August 6~7

Summer salsa night

Haeundae Beach

August 7

Fin swimming class

Gwangalli Beach

August 7

Rowing competition/beach volleyball competition

Gwangalli Beach

August 7

Canoeing, rafting competition

Canoeing stadium


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