Haeundae sightseeing while riding a bike

Free bike rental for foreigners 

Something new is waiting for tourists - free bike rentals. The Haeundae District Office has leased bikes to foreign tourists without charge since last month so that they can enjoy Haeundae attractions with the cool breeze touching their faces.

There are 10 bikes in each of these three places: Haeundae Tourist Information at the entrance of Haeundae Beach, Seacloud Hotel and Songjeong Tourist Information at Songjeong Beach.

Any foreign tourist may rent a bike with an ID card, passport and accommodation ticket once a day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There is no limit in the usage hours. A tourist map is provided to foreigners renting a bike. A total of three bike courses are available.

The first course starts from the Haeundae Tourist Information to BEXCO and Yachting Center, moving onto Dongbaek four-way intersection Yachting Center BEXCO APEC Naru Park Centum City Haeundae.

The second course goes along the beautiful Haeundae Beach, passing Mipo to around Dalmaji Hill on Mipo six-way intersection Haewoljeong Haemaru Songjeong Tunnel Gudukpo Songil Pavilion Haeundae.

The third course starts from Songjeong Beach, moving onto Haedong Yonggung Temple, and returning to Songjeong Tourist Information.

But the bikes are only available to those who have tour insurance. Those without one can call 051-888-4835. It costs 2,000 won ($2.2). 


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