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Delicacies of Busan-Summer special 1. Outdoor Cafe Street


Exotic tastes and picture-like scenery


Nothing says summer like outdoor cafes lining a cobble-stoned street. Now you can have that in Busan. The cobalt blue sea just beyond the cafe terrace and the stunning Gwangan Bridge draws attention. We proudly introduce the famous outdoor cafe streets of Busan.



The outdoor cafes of the Marine City are a rising landmark of Busan. The exotic atmosphere adds romance in the air.


Marine City Cafe Street 

Just down the street from Suyeong Bay Yachting Center to the Haeundae Beach, on the right side the Marine City, is a lovely cafe street stretched out in front of you. There are 70 to 80 skyscrapers like fortresses boasting the skyline, grand enough to be called the Manhattan of Korea. Especially since the buildings blend in with the natural scenery of the sea as a background, it is rising as one of Busan’s landmarks.


Starting from the end of Marine City, 1 Road is where the city meets the sea. On the front is the Yongho-dong Igidae shoreline where you can see the Oryuk Islets. On the right, you can see the Gwangan Bridge and Mt. Geumnyeon, and on the left would be Dongbaek Island and Nurimaru.


From here to the dock of a cruise ship, there are buildings that line the cafe street. You can enjoy various cuisines and desserts from around the world. Western style dish and Oriental style dish meet and there is prime rib steak dinner set from hand drip coffee, wine and sake, a full set dinner traversing from the East to the West.


At the cafe street there are multi national restaurants including Korea, the United States, Italy, Japan and China and cafes, coffee shops, chocolatiers and mom-and-pop restaurants attract the visitors with unique and characteristic interior.


One thing these cafes have in common is that they have a flower garden terrace in front. Colorful flower pots, various climbing plants and exotic broad-leafed trees decorate the terrace the seating area. It is just as if you are sitting on a cafe along the coast of Mediterranean Sea.


From here you can enjoy the full beauty of Gwangan Bridge at night. There are  thousands of lights that highlight the breathtaking nocturnal view of Busan sea.



Gwangalli Outdoor Cafe Street

The Gwangalli Cafe Street features outdoor terrace restaurants, bars and pubs that start from Namcheon-dong, Suyeong District, and line up all the way to the Millak Waterfront Park, numbering more than 100.


The street is graced with bars with gourmet food and drinks, lovely coffee shops with relaxing ambience and restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine.


The cafe buildings are truly a spectacle at night with the lights of the Gwangan Bridge reflecting off. It is beautiful to see the street from the shore but it is also romantic to see the sea and the Gwangan Bridge sitting at the outdoor cafe.


Guess Who is one of the most famous outdoor cafes in Gwangalli, which has an outdoor terrace. You can just enjoy the beautiful night view of Gwangan Bridge and it is popular among foreigners of all ages, loved by all patrons regardless of age and gender.


Starting from June 22 through August 26, Gwangalli Beach Road will block off car traffic. The 750-meter long vehicle-free, pedestrian-only section stretches from the Eonyang Bulgogi turning to the Meeting Square. Vehicles are not allowed from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. A variety of events including live music, dancing, magic shows, plays, street performances, art fairs and other interesting events will be held for free on the car-free stretch of road.


Theme music concerts will take place at Gwangalli Beach Road and Millak Waterfront Park stage every weekend and there will be mimes, guitar, magic show and B-boy performances to add further fun to the summer night of Busan for its citizens and vacationers.



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