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Korea, Panama fete 50th year diplomatic ties


“2012 is the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relationship establishment between Korea and Panama. Since it is a meaningful year, I hope intimate diplomatic relationship continues.”


Juan Jose Garcia Garcia, the commercial attache and vice-consul of the Embassy of the Republic of Panama, said he hoped Busan and Panama, Korea and Panama maintain a more developing relationship as it is the 50th year since Korea and Panama agreed on diplomatic relationship.


Especially this year is the first year Panama is exporting its coffee to Korea and he hoped many Koreans and foreigners living in Korea will enjoy the coffee from Panama. He also added, “The Panama Embassy in Korea has started to promote its flagship crop, the Geisha coffee bean.


The Panama Geisha has set world record in prices as well as in taste all over the world, countries like Holland, Germany, Spain, the United States, Italy, Australia and Japan are currently scrambling for orders.”


In September he said there is Panamanian art performance, jazz concert and coffee tasting event planned at Seoul.


Currently Panama is the world’s best shipping registered country and is developing day by day, and registered ships are increasing steadily as well. In this sense Juan emphasized the marine and port city Busan is a very important city for Panama’s registered ships.


Juan said that he is more attached to Busan as it is the first working area in Asia commenting, “As the first vice consul inaugurated in Busan and as the embassy works are increasing and developing, I am personally very happy.”


There are 24 Panama citizens living in Busan and among them 11 are students. The number of Panamanians is rather small but through active diplomatic activities he expressed his hope for a closer relationship.


“Haeundae and the coast are very charming. That is why I am very happy with my stay in Busan,” further adding his enthusiasm for the city.


Juan Jose Garcia Garcia

Commercial attache and vice- consul of the Embassy of the Republic of Panama



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