City life gets better for foreigners!
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    City life gets better for foreigners!

    Enacting powerful new ordinances for foreigners, including employee support center, scholarships, free health check up and living consultations

    The lives of foreigners in Busan are expected to get much better. Busan City is expanding the role of the Busan Global Center and setting up a Foreign Employee Support Center to increase the convenience for expatriates.

    Busan City announced the 2012 Foreigner Support Plan on April 4 to help the foreigners settle down more comfortably in Busan. The city has announced its foreigner support ordinance based on the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s foreigner support standard ordinance and is setting up a legal and systematic support system. The ordinance for support also includes forming a foreign resident support association and management. Foreign resident supporting groups will establish a cooperative network to operate this association. It will set up, carry out and evaluate foreigner support projects.

    Foreigners will have more chances to participate in policies that affect them. There will be a bulletin on the city’s foreign language web site (in English, Chinese and Japanese) and from next month foreigner monitoring staff will also be organized.

    Support center for foreign employees will also open, providing free medical checkups and consulting on daily difficulties. There will be classes offered for Korean language, computer and law. There will also be a section for the employers who hire foreigner staff to learn more about labor issues. By hosting sports events by countries, the city will help the foreigners settle down in the city. The city is also planning to open a library so the foreigners can get hold of their mother tongue books.

    There will be even more benefits for the foreign students. There will be scholarships for the foreign students and a foreign student lounge and consulting service. There will also be a Korean language class, a chance to experience the Korean traditional culture and Hallyu culture through a K-POP Hallyu class.

  • May 03, 2012
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francophonesabusan | 2012-05-11 00:51:06.0  
Hi, i would like to know more about the health and free medical check up? where is it? Thank you Francophone community (