Friendly tour buddies are on hand, aid visitors
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    Friendly tour buddies are on hand, aid visitors

    Assistants leading the ‘friendly Busan tour’ with many international festivals coming up

    To make Busan a city that foreigners would like to visit again, the local merchants, university students, “Deungdae Call” taxi drivers and tour industry specialists have again combined forces to create the “Tour Buddy” program, which trains employees to help foreign tourists by explaining the directions or how to use the local transportation networks.

    Aiming to “promote an alluring and charming Busan to many people,” Busan City and Busan Convention and Visitors Bureau are trying to implement a “friendly Busan” image to the many tourists visiting Busan for a spate of international events that include the Yeosu EXPO in May, the Lions Convention in June, the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in September and the Busan International Fireworks Festival in October.

    In preparation, the Busan Convention and Visitors Bureau has dispatched 100 “Tour Buddies” consisting of hands-on staff of the tourism and convention industry from April 13 to the international meeting and convention sites.

    The tour buddies will also promote activities like delivering “welcome messages” to the foreigners through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

    The Tour Buddy Promotion Team is the vanguard of the Tour Buddy program. About 50 people, including local merchants, university students, foreign students and tour industry staff will roam around Korea to participate in large scale international events and festivals promoting the charm of Busan.

    Most of all, they will concentrate on conveying the message that Busan is a friendly and worthwhile city.

    Busan City and Busan Convention and Visitors Bureau had launched the Tour Buddy program in 2009 with tourism and convention industry staff, university students and Deungdae Call taxi drivers.

    Tour Buddy held the “Tour Buddy Campaign with Chinese students and Tourists” in Mt. Yongdu Park in last year and also held the “Tour Buddy Campaign with Lotte Giants” in Sajik Stadium.

  • May 03, 2012