Lions are prepared for ‘arena of cultural exchange’
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    Lions are prepared for ‘arena of cultural exchange’

    Fancy meetings for five days at the mecca of Busan convention life


    Meeting & Seminar

    With the theme of “Sharing Lionism through cultural exchange” 95th Lions Clubs International Convention in Busan will greet the Lions from around the world. The Lions Clubs International Convention will take place for five days from June 22 at the BEXCO 1, BEXCO 2 and Auditorium.


    On June 22, 10 a.m. the BEXCO exhibition hall will be opened and with the Leo Lion Summit the convention will kick off. Three meetings and various seminars will unify the volunteer will of the world Lions and through the International Show and International Parade the members will seek unity.


    From June 24 to 26, for three days, the Lions will have its main meeting. On June 24, Wing-Kun Tam the International President will host the 208 member country Flag Ceremony and announce the International Parade results. The Second Plenary Session will have Keynote Address, Nominations for Second Vice President and International Directors. The Final Plenary Session will have Installation of 2012?2013 International President and district governors, Humanitarian Award Presentation and UN Flag Ceremony events planned.


    DGE (district governor elected) seminar is scheduled from June 17 to 22 at BEXCO Convention Hall and Auditorium. The seminar will kick off with the group leader briefing on June 17, 8:30 a.m. and has reception, orientation, spouse/companion session, communication and three program tracks lined up. The 750 DGEs will gather to share their ideas on the agenda.

    The world largest volunteering group Lions Clubs members are coming to Busan. From June 22 to 26, the 95th Lions Clubs International Convention will be held at BEXCO and nearby area, Busan. Above is main session of the 94th Lions Clubs International Convention held at Seattle, US last year.

  • May 31, 2012