New civil service center opens
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    New civil service center opens

    Expanding to larger building for better immigration service



    The Civil Complaint Center has opened on July 23 in the Busan Immigration Office so the people can easily take care of their immigration issues.


    The Civil Complaint Center is on the first and second floor of the Korean Air building on Jungang-daero in Jung District.


    The first floor of the center will take care of foreigner immigration, immigration certificate issuance, international marriage registration and social assimilation support for marriage immigrants. On the second floor there will be booths for visa certificate and nationality issues.


    There will also be booths for foreign talents and reservations-only for time-pressed patrons. Busan Immigration Office takes cases from Busan along with South Gyeongsang cities of Gimhae, Yangsan and Milyang. The foreigner management institute nearly 500 people visit with their issues daily.


    There are 57,000 registered foreigners living in the area and the office handled 135,900 cases of civil complaints related to immigration, nationality and visa.


    The current Busan Immigration Office is in the entrance of Busan International Ferry Terminal and due to its location, the building was not easily reachable. Furthermore, there is no resting area for the visitors, the parking facility is poor and it lacks facilities for the disabled people.


    Busan Immigration Office employee said, “After the civil complaint center opens we expect the visitors can take care of the issues more easily, and the immigration administration service will be more efficiently handled. There is a large waiting area and interview room for citizenship, and we hope this will become a convenient facility for the visitors with civil issues.”


    * Information: Busan Immigration Office civil complaint center (051-461-3091)



  • Aug 10, 2012