Foreigners pick their favorite spots in Haeundae Beach
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    Foreigners pick their favorite spots in Haeundae Beach

    Tourism survey on foreigners reveals hit Busan spots and activities


    Haeundae Beach was chosen by tourists as the best place in Busan and Gukje Market and Nampo-dong were chosen as second and third, respectively.


    The survey was conducted among 1,172 foreigners at Busan Station, Gimhae International Airport, Busan International Ferry Terminal, festival sites and major tourist attractions from January to June through individual polling.


    According to the survey, popular purchase items were food, perfume and cosmetics, clothes and fisheries, in that order. Some 38.8 percent of the foreigners preferred to shop at department stores, while traditional stores were voted by 38.4 percent and duty free shops 33.4 percent. The main purpose of visit to Busan was vacation and traveling at 79.8 percent, while shopping and visiting friends and family were voted at 28.9 percent and 10.1 percent, respectively.


    Haeundae Beach, Gukje Market, Nampo-dong, Jagalchi Market, Mt.Yongdu Park, Seomyeon, Gwangalli, Taejongdae, Aquarium and traditional market were voted the most popular sites in the order of mention. During the average length of stay at 5.1 days in Korea, they stayed on average 2.9 days in Busan.



    The average score given to Busan’s image was 3.53 stars before the visit as opposed to 4.04 stars after their visit, on a 5-star scale.


    Majority of the tourists stayed at hotels (69.1 percent), motels (16.6 percent), houses of acquaintances (9.2 percent) and guest houses (5.1 percent).


    On obtaining information on Busan tourism, most (30.8 percent) used travel agencies which was followed by internet Web sites (26.9 percent) and friends and relatives (24.7 percent).


    Tourists preferred individual tour rather than packaged tours and one person spent an average of 934,580 won ($853). This is 130,000 won less than average of 1,067,910 won of 2011.


    To resolve the barrier of language, which was pointed out as the most difficult factor for foreigners enjoying their stay in Busan, the city is planning to expand setting up sign boards and menus in four languages (English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean). In addition, the city is thinking of various ways to help the foreign tourists as to raise tour interpreters as training the multicultural family immigrants.



  • Oct 31, 2012