Shaping up as a Mecca for medical tourism
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    Shaping up as a Mecca for medical tourism

    Construction of Seomyeon Medical Street wraps up, patients from Southeast Asia and Japan on the rise

    Busan City is rising as the new Mecca among medical tourists.

    The city’s medical facilities have long been welcoming foreign patients with their cutting-edge treatments and first-class service at affordable prices, but moves are being stepped up with the official completion of Seomyeon Medical Street on May 1.

    Busan City is completing the “Seomyeon Medical Street” project near the Lotte Hotel Busan based on an investment of 2.5 billion won ($2.2 million). The street comprises two sections, one running from the Seomyeon Branch of Korea Investment Management to exit 6 of Buam metro station (660 meters long, 5 to 7 meters wide), and the other from Olympus, A+ Medical Center, S Plastic Surgery Center, to Super 25 (250 meters long, 7 to 8 meters wide).

    A “meeting square” is planned for the street, as is a medical tourism information facility, sculpture installations and more infrastructure projects.

    Meanwhile, there are 170 medical centers near Lotte Hotel Busan, including eye doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons and dermatologists, as well as a duty free shop and shopping center.

    Busan City is expecting that after the Seomyeon Medical Street and related medical tourism infrastructure is completed, it will also help revive the regional economy. To this end, the city has set up four 3D simulation centers at an information center and plastic surgery.

    Officials are also running the 2nd Seomyeon Medical Street Festival at the opposite of the front entrance to the Lotte Hotel and its fountain underground. As part of the festival, officials will measure the body fat of foreign tourists and perform mock surgeries, among other cultural events including magic shows.

  • May 04, 2012
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