Int'l Kid's Film Festival from Aug. 17 in Busan
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    Int'l Kid's Film Festival from Aug. 17 in Busan

    The 2007 Busan International Kids's Film Festival will take place in the Haeundae area between Aug. 17 and 21. The organizing committee of the festival recently held a general meeting at Busan City Hall and officially approved the festival project. There will be a variety of associated events and programs including the family cinema, the children's one-day film making, the film reading workshop and the children's movie theater.

    There will be a colorful range of educational programs, too, including the children's film school, the international children's film camp and the BIKI children's planning corps, as well as academic programs focused on the development of film education materials and seminars on children's film.

    For more information, please call ☎  051-743-7652.

  • Apr 30, 2007