Busan-A pleasant place for foreigners
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    Busan-A pleasant place for foreigners

    Haeundae District legislates ordinances for foreigners

    From now on, foreigners living in Haeundae may enjoy various administrative and financial support.

    Haeundae District has legislated ordinances on March 15 supporting foreigners residing in the jurisdiction so that they can, as members of the district, freely do their jobs and easily settle in Busan. The ordinance legislation is the third of its kind after Seongbuk District in Seoul and Anyang City in Gyeonggi Province.  

    The new ordinance covers foreigners who have resided in the Haeundae region for over 90 days as income earners.

    Currently, the number of foreigners who belong in the category is 2,101, showing an increase of over 500 annually. They may utilize public facilities just like Korean locals, enjoying various administrative privileges.

    They can even participate in community programs for locals including community center courses and IT training. They can also enjoy administrative text-message services warning them of possible disasters.

    Haeundae District, also, established the "Foreigners Support Team"to help them better adjust to their local community. It provides them with opportunities to improve relationships with the locals through Korean language education and other services. They are also briefed on legal issues and may partake in cultural and sporting events.


  • Apr 30, 2007