Have fun at Busan International Motor Show: the biggest!
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    Have fun at Busan International Motor Show: the biggest!

    At this year’s Busan International Motor Show you can see new, never-before seen cars.

    This year’s motor show theme is billed “The Voyage of the Green Car Across the Ocean” and will kick off with the Press Day on May 24 and carry on until June 3 at BEXCO.

    More than 96 companies from six countries plan to participate in the Busan International Motor Show 2012. It’s the biggest ever and we’ll unveil it right now.




    All the luxury sports cars in one place

    Maserati, GranTurismo S Automatic and other new cars

    As a large number of overseas and local automobile companies will be taking part at the Busan International Motor Show 2012, the show is to be the biggest ever. The event is opening alongside Haeundae Beach and the Busan Sand Festival. As this festival is expected to see the largest number of visitors ever, many automobile companies are enquiring how to participate.

    This year 170 new cars from 22 automobile companies are expected to be shown. Among them, there are two “World Premiers,” which means the new car is being revealed to the world for the first time. There are also four “Asian Premier” cars that are being introduced in Asia for the first time and 18 “Korean Premiers,” which should be enough to sate the appetites of even the most ravenous car aficionados.

    First of all, Renault Samsung announced that it is to display a new “crossover concept” on April 2. The crossover concept slated for this year’s show is a model based on the Renault’s Captur and is a sporty design car with dynamic lines. Francois Provost, CEO of Renault Samsung, stated, “Through the concept car we are revealing at the Busan International Motor Show 2012, Renault Samsung is expecting to strengthen its young brand image.”

    Kia Motors also plans to debut its own K9 through the motor show, saying that the vehicle is an all new luxury sedan. K9 is a forward-looking, refined but strong luxury sedan. The front has fulfilled the designs of Kia Motors and the sides are neat but powerful, a very sophisticated design. One of the world’s most luxurious automobile brands, Maserati, will also present various models. Maserati will unveil one of the most expensive cars at the show, priced between 200 million and 300 million won. Quattroporte Sport GT S, GranTurismo S Automatic, GranTurismo MC Stradale and GranCabrio Sport are the four models.

    A total of 14 imported automobile brands are participating, including 13 brands that were present last event: BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Ford, Lincoln, Cadillac and the new participant, Maserati.

    The experts are saying the big growth in imported car sales in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam region was the reason of the high ratio of overseas automobile brands at the show. In 2011, the imported car sales in these regions numbered about 12,000 cars, which was a roughly 10 percent increase compared to 2010. The effort of BEXCO to attract more imported automobile brands also played a big role.

    Various side events, as it is the largest scale event ever

    Car audio festival, tune up festival, remote control car race and more

    Since this will be the most mammoth turnout since Busan International Motor Show started, a huge number of events have been prepared as well. Not only are there exhibitions, but there are programs to enjoy. Unique, remodeled cars and remote controlled car racing contests have been readied as well.

    One of the noticeable events is the F1 display, in which you can see an F1 machine in front. It is a chance to see the racing cars provided by Korean Grand Prix up close and personal. The “Car Audio Festival” taking place at the outdoor exhibition hall from May 26 to 27 is also a hot issue. Cars with remodeled audios blasting out powerful music will boost up the festive mood. A number of cars will be on hand for those who want to test their sound systems.

    The “Tune Up” festival from last year is also something to look forward to. During the event if you visit the second floor of the BEXCO Convention Hall, you can look at a panoply of remodeled cars to your heart’s content. There are cars with unique exteriors as well as cars with booming audio systems for lively music. If you are interested in car tuning, this is an event you must not miss.

    The participating companies have also prepared their own showcase exhibits and activities.

    There is a face painting event for children. During the show, visit the Glass Hall connecting the BEXCO main hall and office building and you can get your face painted. There is also a chance to win a car every 10 days in a drawing among paid visitors.

    In addition, there are academic and corporate sessions, such as buyer export consulting and the Busan-Fukuoka automobile industry development strategy seminar.

    Tips> Tickets

    The show this year is expected to be more crowded than ever. To skip the hassle of buying tickets on site, ticket reservations are available. You can purchase tickets through the online shopping malls Auction (ticket.auction.co.kr) and G-Market (www.gmarket.co.kr). The tickets are 4,000 won  ($3.5) for teenagers (elementary, middle and high school students) and  7,000 won for adults. You can get a 1,000 won discount during the reservation time of April 9 to May 23. Groups over 30 also save 1,000 won discount. Preschoolers and those over age 65 can enjoy the show for free.

  • May 08, 2012