Experiencing, enjoying the citys charm
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  • Experiencing, enjoying the citys charm

    Many local festivals will take place in Busan: The Haeundae Sand Festival, Busan Port Festival and Geumjeong Sanseong Makgeolli Festival are all waiting for visitors. Also at the Bujeon Market, one of Busans famous outdoor markets, the Saturday Culture Night Market will open every Saturday until October. Local and foreign tourists who are planning to visit the International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012 to be held on May 12 ? how about visiting Busan in June and experiencing the local festivals and culture for a while?

    Sampling the 500 year history of the local makgeolli

    Makgeolli Festival

    A Makgeolli Festival, where you can enjoy makgeolli (raw rice wine) as well as various cultural events and performances will take place around Spo 1 Park, Geumjeongsanseong Mountain Fortress and Geumseong-dong from May 25 to 27.

    The festival is taking place for the 2nd time and is consisted of events to enjoy the taste and style of Geumjeong Sanseong Makgeolli that has 500 year history.

    At Spo 1 there is the makgeolli speed drinking contest, OX quiz, makgeolli foot spa 3 set (Makgeolli, fermented vinegar, lees), stepping on large malt, making makgeolli facial packs, makgeolli kitchen detergent and makgeolli cosmetics prepared. There will also be traditional games such as jegichagi, tuho, yutnori prepared along with a free makgeolli tasting table and discount events. At Geumjeongsanseong Mountain Fortress you can visit the makgeolli malt experience booth and make your own malt and makgeolli. From May 26 to 27 at the Geumjeongsanseong Mountain Fortress East and North gate, the Busan region street performance teams, band and Geumgang Art Club will perform. During this period there is a Geumjeongsanseong Mountain Fortress stacking experience, a woodcut of the four gates, face painting and caricature event. On the 26th there is the Geumjeongsanseong Mountain Fortress map making session and at Oh My Land there is the international cultural art festival.

    In addition, during the entire festival period, a traditional tavern will be set up so visitors can enjoy various snacks. Here you can taste the makgeolli cocktail. Visitors can also learn how to make makgeolli bread, cookies, soap and soup.

    * Information: Geumjeong District Festival Organization Committee (051-519-4061~5, 4088)

    Bujeon Market opens night market every Saturday night

    Saturday Culture Night Market

    One of Busans representative outdoor markets, Bujeon Market Town, changes into a smorgasbords of cultural sights, sounds and tastes every Saturday.

    Busanjin District Bujeon Market Town opens the Saturday Culture Night Market from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. near the Bujeon Station from May 26 to October 13 every Saturday. However, during scorching days in August and on September 22 and 29, the market is closed due to the summer heat and Chuseok, respectively.

    The Bujeon Market Town Saturday Culture Night Market is an annual local festival that first started in 2008. The Bujeon Agriculture Dawn Market, Bujeon Market, Bujeon shopping district, Bujeon Electronics Market, Bujeon Ginseng Market and Seomyeon Market are participating in the festival, as well.

    At the night market, a flea market, art market and culture lecture booth will be set up so visitors can make handicrafts and purchase wellbeing foods. In addition, various cultural events have been prepared, such as the large takta doll performance, acoustic guitar singing, b-boys, student band performances and music broadcasts that all generations can enjoy.

    * Information: Busanjin District Local Economy Division (051-605-6857)

    How about creating a fairytale with sand ? creating a moment from nothing

    Haeundae Sand Festival

    Koreas one and only eco-friendly festival using sand takes place from June 1 to 4.

    Haeundae District has decided the theme of this years festival as Unforgettable moments of history and has prepared 32 programs in three categories where you can see, enjoy and have fun with mere sand. The festival has prepared the World Sand Sculpture, where heroes from 2,000 years ago will come alive; the Sandboarding Festival of enjoying speed on board going down a 10 meter sand dune; the Lets Play Sand sand experience hall, festival parade, sand graffiti art festival, sand market and other fabulous marine experience programs. Especially this year, various events are prepared to celebrate the first year of the Haeundae Beach sand restoration project.

    The sand restoration project will continue until 2016 with 49 billion won ($43 million) of government budget and is aiming to restore width the current 40 meter of sand to the 70 meters that existed 50 years ago.

    The Windy Hill will display all the congratulation messages of various people to the restoration project and there will also be a Haeundae sand history photography exhibition.

    The festivals highlight, World Sand Sculpture, will revive the Silla Dynasty scholar Choi Chi-won who originated the name Haeundae, Admiral Yi Sun-shin and Alexander the great through the pliable sands of Haeundae. Challenge! I am a Sculptor is an event where imagination becomes reality; teams of families and couples can participate to create their own sand sculpture and win a prize.

     Lets Play Sand is a good program to enjoy with your children. It is a time to learn the value of sand and explore sand through seven themes.

    There is a unique experience session of sea kayaking to let you enjoy the cool waves. Last years popular program Club Sand also takes place this year. The shore changes into a club and famous DJs will heat up the Haeundae Beach with the music, passion and screams of youth.

    After the festival is over, upload a lively picture of the festival at the website (sandfestival.haeundae.go.kr) and seize a chance to win a prize.

    * Information: Haeundae District Culture & Tourism Division (051-749-4062)


    Enjoy fun, food and fireworks at a seaside festival!

    Busan Port Festival

    Busan Port will host the Busan Port Festival from June 1 to boast its pride Busan Port to the world and Korea and experience the sea.

    Busan City will host the 5th Busan Port Festival from June 1 to 3 at Dongsam-dong International Cruise Terminal at Yeongdo.

    This years theme is Dreaming with the Sea, Center of Asia, Busan Port, and the festival will feature 41 programs in 5 themes: Enjoying Busan, Learning Busan Port, History and Future of Busan Port, Industry of Busan Port and Busan Port Parade.

    This year is special because the city has set up a Yeosu EXPO promotion booth so people can experience Yeosu EXPO indirectly. There is also the non-verbal performance which all can enjoy regardless of age and language.

    In the Busan Port enjoying experience event, the Russian mammoth ship Nadezhda will be revealed. There will also be events as lighting ceremony at night and Caribbean pirate performance. Busan Port tour is also prepared so tourists can experience the North Port with Nurimaru and Saenuri. The navy and coast guard will also reveal their vessels and tours of their vessels.

    There is also the mini pedal boat experience for children and teenagers. At 1 p.m. on June 2 is the Together Day festival at Busan Port. Foreigners living in Korea will have traditional cultural performances and foreign students will put on talent shows. And on June 2 and 3 from 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. the preliminary round of Busan International Hiphop Festival will take place, along with Luxury Fisheries, a chance to taste and buy Busan seafood.

    At the cruise terminal a marine science experience event will take place for children and family visitors from June 1 to 3. There will be a parade route near the cruise terminal to express the spirit of dynamic Busan Port.

    * Information: Maritime Affairs Policy Division (051-888-4241)

    Feel the style and tradition of China in local neighborhood

    Chinatown Festival

    This year the 9th Chinatown Special Zone Festival takes place from June 22 to 24 at the Chinatown Special Zone, Russian zone and Choryang market area.

    This year the festival celebrates the 20th year of diplomatic relationship between Korea and China. Since the festival is taking place during the Lions Clubs International Convention and EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea, the largest-ever influx of tourists is expected to participate.

    At this years festival the large orchestra especially invited from Shanghai and Busan Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra will perform together as a cultural festival of Korea and China.

    In additon at the Busanjin railway station the cultural art works of China Tianjin city artists will be displayed. Chinas circus team, magic performance, Chinas dragon and lion mask dance performance are prepared with Korea and Chinas traditional tea exhibition and sales, foot massage and rickshaw experience zone and much more.

    There are special events such as the jjajangmyeon speed eating contest and a noodle-making demonstration.

    * Information: Dong District (051-440-4065)

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