Fun-filled summer beaches
Enjoy Busan
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    Fun-filled summer beaches


    During summer, when the blue sea and white waves gesture to visit, Busan seas are one of the best vacationing areas in Korea, full of things to see, eat and enjoy. The Haeundae, Songjeong, Gwangalli and Songdo beaches have music, dance, art and marine sports that are attracting visitors from Korea and overseas to the beaches. Let’s take a look at the major programs of each beach.


    Multimedia show, salsa dance festival, walk along the Moontan Road

    ■ Haeundae Beach

    One of Korea’s most popular vacation spots is Haeundae Beach, full of events and experience programs. Especially at the “seashore sports special zone” prepared at the shore of Haeundae and Songjeong beaches, you can enjoy beach volleyball and seashore soccer.


    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 p.m. at Haeundae Beach, the “Galmaetgil pace-maker” walking program takes place, which leaves Haeundae Beach and travels up the Moontan Road. You can enjoy the Galmaetgil from Moontan Road to Songjeong, passing by Cheongsapo on the way.


    Every weekend at 8 p.m. there is the “Haeundae Live Street Performance” which sings the beauty of Haeundae. Anyone visiting the place can apply to sing on stage through the “Haeundae Sarang (waves of sands) Live” blog and boast their talent. Starting from June 30 on every first and third Saturday 3 p.m. at the event square, the Haeundae District Volunteer Center volunteer will host the “Jaeneung Hanmadang (Talent Sharing Festival).”


    Busan citizens with talents in music, dance and magic show will come on stage to perform. There will also be unique things to see during the night. The multimedia show will take place during the peak vacation season in August using the water screen and lasers. From May to September on second and fourth Saturday 3 p.m., the Teenager Culture Zone will open at the event square where youth and passion blend together for cultural performances. Besides on June 16, the second Haeundae Beach Salsa Dance Festival takes place and in September the Salsa Competition is also scheduled. There is also a salsa class where anyone can join to learn salsa dance.  


      Gwangalli Beach will have No-Car Culture Street every Saturday and Sunday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. from

      June 22 to the end of August. The photograph is of a street performance.  



    Street performance, marine sports, no-car culture street

    ■ Gwangalli Beach

    Suyeong District is having four-season-specialized programs throughout the year as a small size cultural street performances for vacationers to enjoy and see.


    First of all from June 22 to end of August the “no-car culture street” will open from every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. to the next day 1 a.m. featuring jazz, saxophone, hip hop, magic and marionette performances. Especially during the Lions Clubs International Convention in Busan the no-car cultural street will start from June 22 to attract tourists and vacationers with an even more gratuitous range of cultural arts performances.


    The 700 meters of Gwangalli Beach is where there are many donated souvenirs from the Lions Clubs International is designated as “Lions Street” and many performances celebrating the convention in Busan. The theme concert with 40 orchestra members is scheduled on June 24, 8 p.m. and during the five days Suyeong Yaryu, Jwasuyeong Eobang Nori, Suyeong Nongcheong Nori and other traditional folk plays will be put on stage at Gwangalli Beach every day.


    Even after the Lions Clubs International Convention is over, there are various performances and events lined up until end of August for enjoying the romance of the seas.


    The no-car culture street will block a 700-meter road from Eonyang Bulgogi three-way intersection to the Meeting Square. And here various spectacles including street guitar, saxophone performance, marionette, magic show, art market and traditional folk game experience zone will be set up offering unique things to see. Besides, along the shore there are about 300 restaurants, raw fish restaurants and cafes. There is also an outdoor stage where various performances and concerts are put on frequently. There is also the Waterside Park, Seaside Park and Marine Sports Center where you can enjoy marine reports.


    B-boy performance, fin swimming contest, beach wrestling match and more

    ■ Songdo Beach

    Songdo Beach, which aims to become a family vacation spot, has various cultural things and performances prepared all around summer.


    Every Saturday there is the “Enjoy Songdo Music” for tourists visiting Songdo with B-boy dance, Magic Show, gayageum performance and belly dance. In addition there is the Songdo coastal bolletgil (galmaetgil) story-telling experience zone, Songdo Art-Zone, Songlim Park music fountain performance and four-season music broadcasting. Unlike last year the beach has additionally prepared events such as the 100-year memory photography exhibition, salsa dance group performance, guitar group regular performance and poetry reading (meeting with sea and poem, August).


    The Songdo Beach Fin Swimming Contest (June), Songdo Beach Wrestling Contest (July) and Songdo Sea Festival (August) will heat up the summer night of Songdo. A camping site where the rental fee for one tent is only 15,000 won ($13) will open at the beach. There is also marine sports experience academy where tourists can enjoy wind surfing, yachts, kayaks and dinghies. Especially the “Diving board of memories at Songdo Beach” is under construction aiming to open this year.


    Seashore camping site and traditional folk game experience

    ■ Songjeong Beach

    Songjeong Beach has a camping site. The camping fee is 15,000 won per tent. “Small concert with the campers” will take place to add romance to the camping. The beach also has a “traditional folk game experience zone” where you can just play yutnori and throw some tuho.


    You can see Songjeong Beach just as you get out of the Songjeong Tunnel from Haeundae and pass by the three-way intersection. Songjeong Beach is popular among family visitors because of its gentle slope and shallow water. Also the sand is very soft so it is good for sea bathing. The dense pine forest in front of the beach makes Songjeong Beach even more beautiful.


    Busan beaches’ various services

    Haeundae, Gwangalli, Songjeong and Songdo beaches provide unique services by expanding their convenience facilities ahead of opening on June 1.


    ■ Smart Beach System

    Haeundae Beach will be using the “smart beach system” from this year onward. Instead of using cash to rent parasols or tubes, or to use locker rooms or showers, patrons will have to pay using vouchers purchased using their mobile phones, credit cards or cash. The system was first introduced last year and received good feedback. To use the smart beach system down load the QR code using smart phones or purchase bracelet tickets (QR band).


    ■ Palm Tree Parasol

    Gwangalli Beach is setting up palm tree parasols. Thirty parasols made with palm tree will be lined up along the shore, creating an exotic atmosphere. Also 200 meter along the shore is designated as “personal parasol zone” where visitors can bring their own parasols of their own taste and set it up.


    ■ Kid Love Seawater Pool

    Songdo Beach has created the Kid Love Zone, a seawater pool for children for the family visitors. The large floor fountain shoots up cool water up in the air, offering something to see for the visitors. The visitors can jump in the fountain to cool off.


    Beaches opening on July 1

    Dadaepo, Ilgwang and Imnang beaches are open from July 1 till August 31.


    ■ Dadaepo Beach

    This beach is a famous vacation spot with high quality sand from the estuary of the Nakdong River, gentle slope, shallow and warm water. This year an artificial pool and water play facility are prepared for the visitors. There is a marine sports academy teaching yacht, wind surfing, kayak and rafting all year round. The Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream, the world’s largest floor fountain, will shoot water 55 meters high during the vacation season when the weather gets extremely hot, so the visitors can enjoy the water spraying from the fountain.


    ■ Imnang Beach

    Imnang Beach is a clean beach in the Eastern coast where the beach is not polluted and the water is shallow, chosen frequently as a family vacation spot. At Imnang River, which is connected with the beach, you can enjoy both freshwater and seawater fishing.


    ■ Ilgwang Beach

    This beach is popular among family visitors and the pine tree forest on the left side of the sandy beach is fantastic. There are raw fish restaurants gathered near the beach so you can enjoy fresh tasty raw fish at this place. From August 1 for four days, the Gaetmaeul (sea village) Traditional Play Festival takes place.


  • Jun 27, 2012