Sea, Rock and International Magic festivals coming to you!
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    Sea, Rock and International Magic festivals

    coming to you!


    Summer of Busan is shimmering with sunlight glistening off the coast. The Korea’s largest vacationing area is now full of summer festivals and unique interactive experience events. Especially in August when the heat reaches its peak, it is lined up with festivals making our eyes and ears happy. Busan Sea Festival, Busan International Rock Festival and Busan International Magic Festival are famous in marine city Busan that you must not miss. If you don’t have any special vacation plans for August, how about enjoying the fabulous festivals in Busan?


    Feel! Enjoy the summer festivals of Busan

    ■ Busan Sea Festival (Aug. 1 to 9)

    Busan’s biggest summer festival, the Busan Sea Festival, takes place from Aug. 1 to 9 at six beaches including Haeundae and Gwangalli, Suyeong Bay Yachting Center and Samnak Park. Busan Sea Festival’s “watermelon punch” event


    The festival slogan is “Into the sea of festivals” and there are plenty prepared to see and enjoy. There are about 40 programs including performances with celebrities, interactive experience events, marine leisure sports and international events.


    The opening ceremony taking place at Haeundae Beach on Aug. 1 is a large variety show. K-pop singers and fireworks will light up the show. Shanghai Circus Performance is scheduled on Aug. 2 and Busan Star Talk Concert on Aug. 5 is a talk show of Busan-born stars, Cass Summer Concert is lined up on Aug. 3. There are also Salsa Dance Festival and Water Carnival from Aug. 3 to 4, in addition to “I’m also Star King” event from Aug. 5 to 7.


    The Gwangalli Beach is full with youth and passion, with the Gwangalli Beach Concert (Aug. 8), Fin Swimming Contest (Aug. 4) and Rowing Competition (Aug. 5) and the Night of Jazz coloring the waters of Gwangalli into the star-lit night is from Aug. 4 to 5. At the Songdo Beach, the Hyeon-in Song Festival takes place on Aug. 4 to 5. The Busan International Hip-Hop Festival takes place at Dadaepo Beach on Aug.  3 and the 7080 concert (Aug. 4) and Kite Boarding Contest (Aug. 4-5) also take place at Dadaepo.  


    A Busan Sea Festival staff said, “Last year’s sea festival attracted nearly one million visitors. With new events like Water Carnival, Busan Star Talk Concert and Korea-Japan Comedy Festival, we expect it to be even more fun and draw more visitors than last year.”

    * Information: Busan Sea Festival Web site (


    Busan International Rock Festival boasts its standing as the country’s longest-running rock festival and its lineup has been strengthening more than ever. Photo of last year’s festival held at Samnak Park


    Busan filled with waves of rock at summer night

    ■ Busan International Rock Festival (Aug. 3 to 5)

    The 13th Busan International Rock Festival is the international rock festival with the longest history in Korea. It is scheduled from Aug. 3 to 5 at Samnak ecological Park at Sasang District. Famous acts from Korea and abroad heat up the Busan International Rock Festival to color the summer seas of Busan into rock.  


    The foreign lineup of this year’s festival has been strengthened with James Walsh of the band Starsailor. America’s Firehouse and Japan’s metal rock No. 1 Galneryus are also set to perform.


    The lineup of the Korean acts has also become diverse. Well-known acts like Kim Kyung-ho, Boohwal and Nobrain as well as the Black Skirts, Bandtoxic, Monni and Gate Flowers are set to perform. Up-and-coming indie bands in Busan will also perform.


    The festival committee will organize a Food Zone and Cool Zone for foods and beverages so visitors can enjoy the festival more comfortably. The venue is on soft grass so patrons can easily perch down on grass to enjoy the concert.


    The Samnak ecological Park is close from the city and easy to find. It is just a 10-minute walk  from the Sasang Metro Station and just two stations away from Gimhae International Airport. Free admission. The rock festival staff commented, “Busan International Rock Festival is the largest rock music festival where people can enjoy music in the nature and the concerts will be going on in two different stages, a first ever for the rock festival. This year the most number of rock bands are participating and since we have prepared it thoroughly, we hope more than 100,000 visitors will come enjoy the festival.”


    * Information: Busan International Rock Festival Web site (


    Top magicians with spectacular magic shows to dazzle

    ■ Busan International Magic Festival (Aug. 2 to 5)

    One of Asia’s largest magic festival Busan International Magic Festival is something you must not miss. This is an international magic festival where 100 magicians from 15 countries participate. It takes place at Haeundae Beach and Busan Cinema Center from Aug. 2 to 5. Busan International Magic Festival


    Korea’s Charming Choi, world art magician master Jerome Murat from France, Danny Cole and James Dimmare are some of the magicians you can meet during the festival. The opening ceremony is a show you must catch throughout the festival, taking place at the special outdoor stage at Haeundae Beach on Aug. 2.


    The top magicians of the world will put on outdoor magic show. Each will show off their best magic show highlights. The main show takes place at Busan Cinema Center from Aug. 3 to 5. Night Gala Show, Variety Daytime Show, International Magic Contest and Famous figure lecture and magic shows will continue throughout the festival. At the Variety Daytime Magic show, famous magicians from Korea and other countries will become hosts and performers in teams and compete against each other.


    The Close-up Gala Show is for magic manias, presenting an unbelievable world of magic right in front of their eyes. The highlight of magic festival, Night Gala Show will take place in the Avant-garde Art Magic Show style, which is different from all the magic shows ever put on stage in Asia. There will also be a fan signing with the magicians and a dealer booth to purchase magic tools.


    The ticket reservation is available at Pop Busan ( and Busan Bank and also on site at Busan Cinema Center. Tickets are from 20,000 ($17) to 35,000 won.

    * Information: Busan International Magic Festival Web site (


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