Summer Special 3 Marine Sports
Enjoy Busan
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    Summer Special 3. Marine Sports


    Hit the spots! Enjoy haven of water sports


    Simply idea of windsurfing in the endless azure sea is enough to make one’s heart beat. The mecca of water sports, Busan is a haven of marine sports where Koreans and foreigners can learn all types easily and quickly. It is fun to choose a beach according to its natural environment to enjoy the marine sports. Let’s meet and experience surfing to the sailing on a fancy yacht.



    Vacationers are screaming out loud and having fun on a banana boat off the coast of Gwangalli Beach.


    Enjoy windsurfing traversing the lines of water and the sky

    Songjeong Beach

    Songjeong Beach is famous for surfing. It is the best place to enjoy surfing properly in Korea. Since marine sports have become popular with private companies and clubs, you can enjoy various marine sports all year round.


    Especially the Songjeong Windsurfing Surfing School offers courses on windsurfing, surfing, yachting and kayaking. In case of windsurfing you can rent the equipments up to two times after taking the two-hour course for three days at 300,000 won ($263). Simple rental is 50,000 won and you can even sign up for the annual membership. In case of surfing, a two-hour course is 50,000 won and the rental fee is 25,000 won.


     The price includes the wetsuit, board and shower facilities usage. The yacht is priced at 300,000 won for a two-hour course for two days, which includes a one-time rental. There is also kayaking and body boating for more low-key activities. The Haeundae Youth Surfing School is offers a variety of activities and anyone can join as a member.


    * Information: Telephone (051-704-0664)


    The heaven of kiteboarding, enjoying sea and sky together

    Dadaepo Beach

    A famous marine sports of Dadaepo Beach, which is famous for the Molundae sunset, is kiteboarding, or kitesurfing as it is known sometimes. It is an adventure, water surface sports riding the water and the wind, traversing the lines. Kiteboarding is only available at a large space with lots of consistent breeze and direction of wind and a shore with no rocks.


    One of the places that fit these conditions in Korea is none other than Dadaepo Beach. With shallow water and all conditions meeting, it is the perfect spot for kiteboarding.  Korea’s first Kiteboarding Contest took place at Dadaepo Beach and the General Jung Un National Kiteboarding Contest takes place every August.


    * Information: Telephone (051-220-4622)


    Gwangalli Beach, the highlight of marine sports with blue sea

    Gwangalli Beach

    Sun-baked afternoon on July 13, Gwangalli is packed with vacationers enjoying marine sport.  

    The Gwangan Bridge glimmers far away and the beach is filled with jolly people. Swimming through the cool water and washing away the heat of summer, people are happy on Gwangalli Beach. Walk away from the vacationers enjoy tanning under a palm tree parasol and at the end of the beach you will run across the Gwangalli Ocean Leports Center. This is where your vacation takes a turn for a more proactive fun.


    The center has 325-square-meter moorings, and equipment storage facility, changing rooms and shower rooms in a wide space spanning 822 square meters. The Busan Marine Leports Association is consisted of three organizations Sea Explorers of Korea Busan, Busan Yacht Association and Busan Windsurfing Association.  


    As it is a multicomplex facility, the range of marine sports is very wide. The activities one can enjoy are windsurfing, rafting, wakeboarding, yachting and banana boating, kayaking, dinghy boating, jet skiing and last but not least skin scubaing. They have everything one needs for the recreational activities that there is no need to prepare anything else but to just show up and enjoy.


    There is a promotional package of five items for 75,000 won that you can enjoy all day. The 75,000 won package becomes cheaper when you visit as a group of more than 20, and also if you are a student, you can receive a discount of up to 25,000 won. Even if you are not using it by a package, unlike items that need to fill up gas, those that operate without gas, you can enjoy all day without additional charge. The center is closed on Mondays.


    After taking the windsurfing class for three hours a day for a week, you will soon be able to make your way around the sea at will. Water skiing and wake board needing around four days for training while dinghy boats only require one day or learning. With just five days of learning the skin scuba, you will be able to swim with the fish freely.


    For more information, visit the Web site ( and you can see how to get there and the price table for each item as well as services charge.


    * Information: Telephone (051-755-0707, 051-622-0201)


    Songjeong Beach is the perfect place for enjoying windsurfing in Korea.


    Suyeong Bay is the perfect place for yachting on hot summer day

    Suyeong Bay

    Suyeong Bay Yachting Center is a good place for yachting. Not only for yachts, but you can enjoy the various leisure sports like the dinghy boating, banana boating, motor boating, sea rafting and fin swimming.


    There is also a yacht school operated by the Busan Sailing  Federation that you can sign up to experience yachting. You can board the catamaran, the 20-person yacht for an hour. It is 20,000 won per person when 20 people sign up.


    There is also a 10-day dinghy course. The course is priced at 160,000 won with the rental charge is 30,000 won for three hours. (051-747-1768)


    There is also the Korea Water Sports Association, through which you can learn banana boating, motor boating, sea rafting and fin swimming for 15,000 won with a group discount.


    If 10 families gather, then each family can enjoy all the activities for 100,000 won.


    Besides, there is water ski, wakeboard and water motorcycle and other various marine sports to enjoy. (051-746-3023)


    Affordable marine sports academy helps you fill summer with fun

    Busan opens the Marine Sports Academy until end of October. The summer academy is held at 10 places including Suyeong Bay Yachting Center, West Nakdong River, Eulsuk Island, Dadaepo, Haeundae Beach and Korea Maritime University.


    At these various locations, you can learn marine sports like rowing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, body boating, dinghy yachting, kiteboarding, water skiing, windsurfing, dragon boating and motor boating.

    The marine sports academy is open for all ages and can accommodate all sizes of the group.

    The classes are available all days except on Mondays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with basic training and experiencing the sports.


    To register, you can call or visit after reviewing the program on the official Web site (

    Material and insurance cost (about 10,000 won ($8.7)) is all you need to pay for the below-listed courses.


    □ Busan Marine Sports Academy





    Rowing, indoor rowing, rafting

    Busan City Rowing Association

    West Nakdong Rowing Center


    Canoeing, kayaking

    and rafting

    Busan City Canoe Federation

    West Nakdong Canoeing Center


    Surfing, body boating

    Korea Surfing Association

    Haeundae Beach


    Dinghy yachting

    Korea Maritime University (Department of Ocean Physical Education)

    Korea Maritime



    Kiteboarding, body rafting and water skiing

    Korea Kiteboarding Association

    Dadaepo Beach


    Windsurfing, rafting,  kayaking and dinghy yachting

    Korea Council of Sports for all, Busan Windsurfing Association

    Dadaepo Beach


    Dragon boating, kayaking, rafting and motor boating

    Sea Explorers of Korea Busan

    Yachting Center, Suyeong River


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