Recommended by bloggers 5. Geumjeong District
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    Recommended by bloggers 5. Geumjeong District


    Unique, cheap and tasty places


    Geumjeong District restaurants are mostly focused on the cheap price and unique menu as it is near Pusan National University. As it is near the university, full of young spirit, there is a unique food street culture with various kinds of culture co-existing.


    Super Cooks

    Super Cooks in front of Pusan National University is a very tasty place with a nice view. As you go inside, the light interior decorated with light bulbs, murals and glass walls will catch your eyes. Super Cooks has dishes for two to three servings only, so bring friends. Pasta, rice, steak and all the other menus serve two to three servings but the price is around 18,000 won ($15). Steaks and chop steaks are 21,000 won.


     People think of beef when they see a steak menu but at Super Cook the steak is made with pork neck meat and chicken breast meat. Salad is available for 3,000 won. Lunch is 15,000 won. The place is on the second floor of McDonalds building near Pusan National University station, exit 1. (010-4555-0721)


    Ddukbaegi ‘Spaghetti’(Hot plate spaghetti)

    This place is famous for selling only 100 plates a day. Only up to 100 plates are served and they do not receive orders after 8 p.m. If the 100 plates are all sold out before 8 p.m., then the place will close and you cannot have any.


    There are three categories on the menu, tomato and cream spaghetti served on a boiling hot plate (ddukbaegi) and black fried rice. Popular menu items are bacon, caramel onion, shrimp and caviar fried rice. The place is on the second floor next to the Pusan National University Books Libro building. (070-4249-0534)



    Thick broth and rich taste, the tasty donkatsu ramen of Umaido! The ramen broth is just unbelievable. The most popular ramen in Umaido is Hakada donkatsu ramen. Hakada is the old name of Fukuoka and the ramen that was made in Fukuoka with pork bone broth was donkatsu ramen.


    The menu of this place is quite simple with spicy ramen, dwenjang ramen and kyoja or dumpling. The spicy ramen is available in different levels of spiciness. The first level is “spicy,” the second is “thrilling” (for a bit more stimulating spicy taste) and third level is the maniac level. If you can’t eat spicy food, then you can order dwenjang ramen and kyoja. (051-514-8785)


    Super Cooks in front of Pusan National University has good food at a cheap price, but since it also has big portions there is plenty of unique abundance. A photograph of steak salad and fried rice.


  • Jun 19, 2012