Tons of fresh seafood and tasty side dishes
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    Tons of fresh seafood and tasty side dishes


    After fully enjoying the festivals in Busan, it is time to fill your tummy! Busan is famous for its delicious dishes, and as a port city, there are plenty of fresh seafood dishes on offer.


    Centum City · Haeundae


    The Party Centum City branch

    There is a buffet at the Centum Science Park Building not far away from Busan Cinema Center, the venue of the BIFF. The luxurious interior and high-quality dishes make it popular among Busan residents. It frequently hosts first birthday parties and other events. Fresh seafood makes up most of the menu, with sushi, raw fish and seafood rolls being very popular. If you have some extra money in your wallet, why not enjoy fresh seafood in luxury? Weekday lunch costs 28,000 won ($25), while dinner is 37,000 won. Weekend lunch costs 36,000 won and dinner is 39,000 won. It is located on the first basement of the Centum Science Park. (051-711-7770)


    Geumsu Bokguk main branch

    This is one of Busan’s best blowfish restaurants. From the Haeundae Novotel Ambassador hotel front gate, walk toward Dalmaji Hill and the restaurant will be easy to find. The business has been satisfying Busan residents’ cravings for 40 years. The main dish on offer is bokjiri with a splendid and tasty broth. Fried, steamed and other blowfish dishes are available. Bokjiri runs from 9,000 won to 25,000 won, while fried blowfish costs 20,000 won. The restaurant is always full of diners who want to relieve hangovers and enjoy blowfish to increase their stamina. It is a 5-minute walk from the Haeundae Paradise Hotel. (051-742-3600)



    Coco Shabu(shabushabu restaurant)

    This Vietnamese shabushabu restaurant is across from the the Centum City Haeundae Centum Hotel.

    It is a new place, having opened in July. Even so, it is already quite popular thanks to its exotic interior and fresh fruit juice. Main courses include beef shabushabu, seafood shabushabu, Vietnamese rice wraps and grilled dishes. According to one’s taste, diners can enjoy a range of sauces such as soy sauce and peanut sauce and shabushabu soup can be either hot or mild. Beef shabushabu costs 13,900 won, and seafood shabushabu costs 19,000 won. It is located at Centum Dreamworld No.202   (051-747-7049)


    Marine City Cafe Street

    This street heads toward Haeundae Beach from the Suyeong Bay Yachting Center with the Marine City stretching out on the right. There are several buildings forming a cafe street to the cruise ship dock. Here, visitors can taste various desserts from around the world. There are Western-style dishes and Oriental-style dishes, steak and hand-drip coffee, wine and sake.

    Korean, American, Italian, Japanese and Chinese resturants line the street as do popular coffee shops and a chocolate cafe, which attract customers with their unique interiors. There is also a beautiful flower garden terrace and an outdoor cafe for visitors. It is a 15-minute walk from Dongbaek Station on metro line No.2.




    Millak Raw Fish Center

    At the end of Gwangalli Beach there is a big building with more than 120 raw fish restaurants: This is the Millak Raw Fish Center. On the first floor there is a raw fish center where visitors can purchase live fish and choose their own raw fish. Raw fish purchased on the first floor can be enjoyed as part of a meal on the second level. Fish prices range from 50,000 won to 70,000 won. A serving of raw fish (hoe) is enough for a party of 4. It is a 5-minute walk from Gwangan station on metro line No.2. (051-757-3000)



    Eonyang Bulgogi

    Just one block further toward the apartment town from the Gwangalli Beach Park Hotel, there are several bulgogi places. This is where visitors can taste sogeumgueui beef seasoned with salt as well as Eonyang bulgogi seasoned beef. Those looking for tender meat should try Eonyang bulgogi. Sogeumgueui is 30,000 won and Eonyang bulgogi is 25,000 won per serving. It is a 5-minute walk from Geumnyeonsan station on metro line No.2. (051-752-9922)



    Jishimjeong is one of the few places in South Korea that offer North Korean Pyeongyang-style mandu (dumpling) soup.This place is good for a light glass of alcohol and is always packed with people on weekend evenings. The most popular dishes are the mandu soup with large dumplings and the grilled thick pork. Walk along the street between Gwangalli Beach Park Hotel and coffee shop A Twosome Place to locate the restaurant. Mandu soup is 25,000 won and grilled pork is 25,000 won per serving. It is a 7-minute walk from Geumnyeonsan station on metro line No.2. (051-756-3040)


    Nampo ·Gwangbok-dong


    Jagalchi Raw Fish Center

    The Jagalchi Raw Fish Center, located in the center of Jagalchi Market, is as large as the Millak Raw Fish Center. Visitors can enjoy fish just caught from the sea right in front. There are two raw fish centers in Jagalchi Market: one at Shin Dong-A Fish Market and one within the Jagalchi Market building. After enjoying the Jagalchi Festival, try some raw fish! Prices start at 50,000 won according to the kind of fish. It is a 5-minute walk from Jagalchi station on metro line No.1. (051-246-7500)


    Bupyeong Jokbal (boiled pig’s feet) Alley

    In Busan, dishes using pork include pork gukbap and pork beef. At Bupyeong-dong, where Nampo-dong and Gwangbok-dong come together, many famous pork restaurants offer dishes to visitors. Pork hocks (jokbal) boiled with many different kinds of herbal medicine ingredients on low heat are delicious and also popular as a healthy food. The dish costs from 25,000 won to 35,000 won according to size. It is a 5-minute walk from Jagalchi station on metro line No.1.



    Nampo-dong Galbi Street

    One of Korea’s most representative dishes is pork galbi. In Nampo-dong at the corner of Busan Port, there are many galbi restaurants. In particular, there are many restaurants in between Nampo-dong and Gukje Market in an area called Nampo-dong Galbi Street. The galbi, cooked on charcoal, is good in taste and smell. Customers visit for full meals or order side dishes to eat while drinking alcohol. After enjoying the festivals, fill up your stomach on Galbi Street! Your vacation in Busan will feel even more delicious. Price ranges from 7,000 won to 8,000 won per serving. It is a 10-minute walk from Jagalchi station on metro line No.1.



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