Delicacies of Busan. Bossam
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    Delicacies of Busan. Bossam


    Succulent pork and kimchi tempt palates

    Bossam is a combination of tasty kimchi and pork, a dish that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is one of the representative provincial foods of the Busan area and is famous throughout the country. Bossam consists of boiled or steamed pork slices, which are wrapped in kimchi before being eaten.



    Ijae puts a focus on healthy eating and serves raw fish bossam (also known as hoe bossam) as its main dish. The mouth-watering fresh fish is served in season with raw seafood before a bowl full of pork bossam. The tender pork meat and radish kimchi will satisfy even the pickiest of customers with its succulent taste. The restaurant, which is popular among foreigners, uses traditional fermented sauces that have not been diluted, meaning that even adding small amounts of sugar, salt, say sauce or hot pepper flakes make the dish extra sweet and pungent. Special bossam costs 30,000 won ($27) per serving, while the smaller-portioned hoe bossam costs 20,000 won and the regular bossam set 15,000 won. Makguksu, or buckwheat noodles served in a chilled broth, is also popular and costs 6,000 won. Visitors should not skip the shikhye, or rice punch, which is made with fermented ginger and serves as a tasty dessert. The restaurant is located in Haeundae district, near exit No. 2 of Jangsan Station. (051-703-9001)


    Baebijang Bossam

    This eatery started as one of Busan City’s representative bossam brands and is now seeking to become recognized as the No. 1 bossam restaurant in the region. As it specializes in this dish, the ingredients, devotion and preparation are considered second to none. It uses Korean pork, and kimchi made with red pepper powder made on the premises. The restaurant is located behind Haeundae Marine City. A two-person bossam set with naengmyeon or nurungji costs 27,000 won and is one of the top picks here. The Haeundae branch is located at 959, U 1-dong in Haeundae District (051-742-7755), The Guseo branch can be found at 84-15, Guseo 1-dong in Geumjeong District. (051-515-2106) 



    This restaurant is designed partly in a European style and does a good job of blending East and West. However, it is a family restaurant known for its representative Korean dishes, especially hoe jeongsik (numerous side dishes of vegetables and raw fish) and bossam.

    The main dish is a set menu combining pork bossam and raw fish. Chungdam’s fresh-tasting and slim pork slices with no grease are hugely popular and patrons often return. Apart from the addictive taste, diners can enjoy eating while being seated on a Korean-style ondol (heated floor) room that accommodates up to 140 people. Alternatively, the eatery’s 3rd floor offers partitioned rooms with tables. Reservations are a must. 

    Chungdam Hansang costs 20,000 won while the Chungdam special goes for 30,000 won. However, be warned: several servings are needed, so this is not the cheapest place in town. To find the restaurant, leave Yeonsan Station from exit no. 12 and take a short taxi ride. Chungdam is next to Kookmin Bank. (051-761-0002)



    Sintobuli is famous for its crunchy kimchi and timed-to-perfection pork strips, the two essential parts of a good bossam meal. The taste of the pork is determined according to the boiling time. Those who ask for the fat to be removed are missing out on the traditional experience and, according to locals, the best taste. The bossam dishes cost upwards of 22,000 won for a serving for two, while the lunch special is just 6,000 won for a single serving. To find the restaurant, head to the back door of Seomyeon Lotte Department Store. (051-817-8877)

    Boiled pork with a sweet and sour taste -- bossam

  • Feb 29, 2012