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    Every dish has its own story to tell

    Just when you thought you’re heading to yet another pseudo-western restaurant, you find Seogak and Cook a minimalist place blend with industrial feel providing a modern and artsy ambience.

    The interior is designed to maximize the limited space which can only accommodate 46 guests. Blown-up pictures of various western street-scenes dominate the walls, while the visible pipelines and black ceiling give it an industrial feel. Wooden furnishings of natural style complement its minimalist style.

    The menu consists of four main dishes, including shrimp and chicken breast spaghetti. Shrimps are imported from Vietnam while pasta and olive oil are genuine Italian products.

    If you prefer meat, steak is the best bet. They serve pork steak, pork sirloin, Hamburger steak and chicken steak in a variety of sauces that enhance the flavor of each meat.

    Pilaf is another popular dish, and the salads are also great. All dishes are good for two persons. And at a flat rate of 18,000 won ($16) per dish, you can’t go wrong.

    The restaurant is open from 12 p.m. to between 12 a.m. It is close to the Nampo-dong bookstore. Parking is not available.

    Sablee Dare Bulaon

    English teacher

  • Apr 16, 2012
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