A romantic proposal at the Mt. Yongdu Park
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    A romantic proposal at the Mt. Yongdu Park

    Open propose event…love without barriers

    A special open marriage proposal event will take place at Mt. Yongdu Park, offering visitors a chance to confess their love.

    Busan Infrastructure Corporation is having the “Mt. Yongdu Park Open Proposal Event” on May 18 and June 22. Three couples can participate each day and it is open for a total of nine couples. Anyone can apply to join the event on the official Web site of the Busan Infrastructure Corporation (www.bisco.or.kr). The couples are being selected based on the stories they submit and will be given the chance to make the unforgettable marriage proposal of their life. And all for free.

    This event is not restricted to young couples, either. Multinational couples are also welcome to make proposals that cross over global borders.

     Chosen parties must film a video message introducing the backstory of their proposal and submit it to the organizers prior to appearing on stage. The open proposal takes place at the special proposal zone in the Mt. Yongdu Park at 7 p.m. Once on stage, the person doing the proposing must express their feelings for their partner through a heartfelt performance that can either be done in the form of a song, poem or dance. Then it will be the listener’s turn to share their thoughts and feelings before they consent or decline.

    Those who accept will be serenaded and will be given time to profess their love for one another during a “love padlock” locking ceremony, enjoying the night view of Busan Tower and through small events such as placing a tile of love.

    The couples will also receive a ticket for the Jagalchi Oase Buffet and enjoy the romantic mood. They can also whisper their love to each other while looking at the fancy night view of Busan with the Busan Tower night view ticket. 

    A special open proposal event takes place at Mt. Yongdu Park.

  • May 03, 2012