Guest House Korea now open at Jagalchi and Haeundae
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    Guest House Korea now open

    at Jagalchi and Haeundae

    One night stay ranges from 25,000 won to 35,000 won





















    Guesthouses where visitors to Busan can stay at a cheap price are opening. Guesthouses provide accommodation and breakfast at a cheap price and are popular among backpackers.


    “Guest House Korea” is opening guesthouses along the Busan Galmaetgil course. The Jagalchi branch opened at Jung District Nampo-dong Jagalchi Market seventh floor and the Haeundae Branch opened at Haeundae District Jung-dong Hyeyoung Building fourth and fifth floor.


    The Guest House Korea Jagalchi branch is located between the Busanjin Market and Namhang Bridge. There are four shared rooms where up to 12 people can stay and four rooms for two to eight people. The rooms are clean and boast a beautiful view of South Port (Namhang). There is a cafe and a place for business where Internet access is available. One night is 25,000 won ($21) to 35,000 won per person according to the room type. Breakfast is provided. Reservations are available through Web or phone. Haeundae Branch is near the Moontan Road to Millak Bridge.


    There are five shared rooms where up to eight people can stay, five rooms for two to four people. It is a five-minute walk from Haeundae metro station no. 1. The fare is the same as the Jagalchi branch. Guest House Korea is planning to open guesthouses along the Galmaetgil course continuously. Busan City is also reviewing ways to support opening more cheap and cozy guesthouses so visitors to Galmaetgil can stay more comfortably.

    * Information: Guest House Korea (070-4136-5014), web site (


    The branch head of Guest House Korea Busan Jagalchi is introducing a room.


  • Jun 19, 2012