Raising Busan’s brand power 2. Eight sea bridges, world famous tour items
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    Raising Busan’s brand power 2. Eight sea bridges, world famous tour items


    From utilitarian roads to pleasure paths

    City making eight bridges to world famous tourism products

    How about a bungee jump from Gwangan Bridge to 45 meters below sea level? What about looking around the beautiful scenery of Busan on top of the 190 meter tower on Bukhang Bridge? Busan citizens have likely imagined something like this at least once.

    Seven bridges line Busan’s fair shores: the symbol of Busan, Gwangan Bridge; Korea’s soon-to-be longest and best cable suspension bridge, Bukhang Bridge (opening in 2014); the landmark of the old downtown, Namhang Bridge;




     Eulsuk Bridge; Sinho Bridge, Gadeok Bridge and finally the Geoga Bridge, which connects to an undersea tunnel.

    From Gwangan Bridge to Geoga Bridge there stretches a 52-kilometer long coastal circulation road. This sea road will finally be completed when the Bukhang Bridge opens in 2014. In addition, Busan is currently busy restoring the Yeongdo Bridge, which holds the history of Busan within it. In a sense, Busan is the heaven of sea bridges. With the imminent completion of the coastal circulation road, there are many that suggest these architectural marvels could be made into a world famous tourist spots. These bridges, which are competitive with any other bridges in the world, cannot be seen as just roads for transportation and logistics. There are voices saying that these bridges, with their outstanding coastal and shore vistas, can improve the dynamic of Busan’s “marine city” image and must be made into tourist destinations.

     Busan City has started preparing the blueprint in making these seven bridges along the coastal circulation road into world destinations. First of all, it has started collecting ideas through a public contest from April 9 to make these sea bridges into tourism resources. The city has brainstormed ideas such as bungee jumping and tower observatories. In addition, the city has requested that the Busan Development Institute create a master plan for transforming the sea bridges into tourism mother lodes.

    The city’s deliberations include a search for expert brand names that will bring out the characteristic of each bridge and the coastal circulation road, putting up lights for the night view, building observatories, observatory cafes, banquet rooms, memorial parks and bridge museums, bringing in entertainment events, producing films and dramas at these areas and finding stories to tell.

    Busan City will operate a separate task force team in addition to the advisory committee comprised of experts to promote the “World luxury, Bridge of Busan” project. In October the city will have a final survey research reporting the results of the session and establish a master plan to kick off the project. Through these administrative efforts, the Busan sea bridges will turn into a luxury tourist destination.The keywords for the image overhauls are “people” and “communication.” These bridges will transform from mere conduit of traffic into a space of communication where people mingle.

    The sea bridges of Busan have great potential to develop into a world famous tourist destination. Photograph of the Busan International Fireworks Festival that takes place in front of the Gwangan Bridge.

  • May 03, 2012