Raising Busan’s brand power 5. Busan Galmaegi cheering culture
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    Raising Busan’s brand power 5.  Busan Galmaegi cheering culture


    Vinyl bags, newspapers to cheer you up


     The representative cheering crowds of “baseball city” Busan are shaking newspapers and cheering with orange vinyl inflatables wishing for the team’s victory.


    If you visit Sajik Stadium once, you will never recover from the charm. The wild cheering of Busan Galmaegi (seagulls) will open some kind of marvelous world you’ve never before experienced.


    It is not a stretch to say that Busan Galmaegi baseball fans’ unique love of baseball to cheer the Lotte Giants is the world’s best. Even American major league baseball teams envy this hot cheering.   


    Busan Galmaegi’s representative cheering cultures are “newspaper cheering” to wish team’s victory at the beginning of the game, and “orange plastic bag” cheering at the second half of the game. In addition, the 30,000 spectators singing the representative cheering songs “Busan Galmaegi” and “Come back to Busan Port” can be seen only in Busan.


    Jerry Royster, the Lotte Giants’ former manager said, “It is the world largest singing room.” And he gives a thumbs-up for Busan Galmaegi’s passion. The cheering culture of Busan Galmaegi has drawn attention from beyond Korea. Lotte Giants pitcher Ryan Sadowski introduced Busan’s unique cheering culture of baseball to Americans through YouTube.


    “Sajik Stadium Tour” has been a big hit since opening to the public in 2009. Lotte Hotel Busan sold a tour package in which tourists to Seoul visit the city using KTX, stay there and visit Sajik Stadium. Also, one of the tour agencies in Los Angeles developed a Korean tour package. The agency included “Sajik Stadium Tour” in the tour program. Therefore it is obvious that the hot and exciting cheering culture of Busan Galmaegi is a big hit as a new tourism product.


    Busan City also co-opts the cheering culture as one of the city’s representative brand powers. The city plans to develop cheering gestures and programs and raise tour products. Also, the city will develop tour programs that are easy to participate in, understand and follow by foreigners. Furthermore, it will construct a Baseball Park near Sajik-dong, where the Hall of Fame for Baseball and Sajik Stadium are located, make the city baseball specialized city, and to attract foreign tourists in connection with the “Korean Wave.”


    An executive of Busan Development Institute said, “Busan City and Busan citizens should aggressively promote their cheering culture to the world and work as an advance guard of spreading it through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.” 

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I like a Lotte Gaint! Busan is beautiful baseball city!!!