Busan, evolving day by day 3. BEXCO
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    Busan, evolving day by day 3. BEXCO


    Busan, a premier MICE destination

    City sees rapid development after

    int’l conventions designated a strategic industry

    Busan ranks as the fourth-best destination for international conventions in Asia and 17th in the world, according to the Union of International Associations (UIA).

    The UIA’s International Meeting Host Rankings, which were released last summer, moved Busan City higher up the list. This marks a sharp rise from 2009, when it ranked 10th in Asia and 37th in the world.

    The city hosted a whopping 93 international meetings in 2010.

    Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo occupy the top three spots in Asia, in that order. Busan is the only name among the top four that is not a capital city. It topped Shanghai, Bangkok, Jeju and Beijing, which all ranked above it before.

    BEXCO played a key role in Busan City stepping up the ranks as an international convention city. BEXCO, which opened in 2001, generated an economic effect of 908.3 billion won ($809 million)  through hosting exhibitions and convention last year alone.

    Last year, Busan City successfully hosted the Korea Railways & Logistics Fair 2011, IT EXPO, Marine Week, G-STAR and the World Korean Business Convention. Through hosting these large international events, the city has managed to promote its facilities and organizational abilities to the world.

    BEXCO has seen astonishing development in this area since the hosting of international conventions and meetings were designated as one of Busan City’s 10 strategic industries following APEC summit talks in 2005.

    Strenuous efforts have been made to raise the city’s standing in this field to promote both tourism and the convention industry. The city has also established a solid marketing system with the Busan Convention and Visitors Bureau and local hotels and universities to attract meetings, a program that has already yielded positive results.

    Busan City plans to expand BEXCO’s exhibition spaces this year and create new performance venues by June to take the city’s exhibition and convention industry to the next level.          

    The new BEXCO exhibition hall will cover 20,032 square meters. Lumped together with the current hall, it will take up a total area of 46,540 square meters, making it large enough to host two large shows simultaneously.

    Once the expansion is completed, BEXCO will be larger than the COEX center in Seoul, which covers 36,007 square meters. It will become the 2nd-largest exhibition hall in Korea following KINTEX in Goyang.

    There are also high expectations of the new auditorium, a five-story building with two stories underground and a 4,000-seat multi-performance hall featuring cutting-edge equipment. According to the event, the seating arrangements can be changed to accommodate between 2,000 and 4,000 people.


    Busan City has stepped up to rank among Asia’s leading international convention cities. The photograph shows BEXCO, the city’s key venue for hosting major conventions.

  • Feb 02, 2012