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    Food Talk

    Do pork belly and baseball go together?

    Do you like watching baseball games? After games, I guess you do not just want to go back home and go to bed early without any congratulation for your favorite team who won the day’s game. For me, I often have a drink with my friends for further talking about today’s game.


    At this time, I always visit a famous restaurant, named as Ryugane Deodeok Pork Belly around the stadium. As we know, grilled pork belly is a typical Korean food. As foreigners, when you come to Korea, you may try pork belly many times. But I think you should not have grilled pork belly with deodeok, especially, after watching baseball game. So, it will be a big chance for you to enjoy this menu in Ryugane Deodeok Pork Belly restaurant.


    Here, the menu has just one item, Pork Belly with Deodeok, but it attracts customers very much. Now, you may curious about what Deodeok is. It’s the root of codonopsis lanceolata. It’s welcomed in Korean cuisine because Deodeok has many medical uses, such as detoxification, strengthening heart function, health recovery, anticancer treatment etc. When you have grilled pork with Deodeok, which can give you so much medical benefits, I think you have no reason not to visit this place and enjoy a nice meal time. Right?

    Zhang Li Li

    Graduate School of International Studies in Pusan National University

  • May 31, 2012