Foreigners’ impressions of the city
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    Foreigners’ impressions of the city


    ‘I would like to share the charm in my blog’




      On May 2, a single tweet was left at the Busan City Twitter ( It was from the travel blog “91days” ( manager Juergen Horn and Michael Powell, who are blogging their world travel experiences, saying they want to know many things  about Busan.


    “We wanted to put Asia into our blog. We wanted to introduce Busan, a charming city but not much known or flooding with information as Japan and China where people have already visited a lot.”


    Michael Powell, from Ohio, U.S., and German Juergen Horn have visited more than 10 places including Ireland and  Spain. Michael writes the articles. He said, “My job is a computer programmer and Juergen is a photographer. That is why we can travel and work at the same time without much difficulty. We try to visit one place and explore for at least 4 hours a day and melt in the charm of the place.”


    He added that traveling different areas, experiencing the charm, taste and culture of the regions for 91 days, looking back at themselves within the moving world and writing down the charms of the visited places in their blog is the life that they pursue.


    Regarding the first impression of Busan, both answered. “We did not know it was such a modern and developed city. The transportation is really excellent and convenient.” Michael said, “I

    really like baseball and Busan baseball has a unique cheering culture that is good enough to promote in the world.”


    They picked Oryuk Islets, Haedong Yonggung Temple, Samgwangsa Temple, Millak-dong, Haeundae and Mt. Yongdu as most impressive places in Busan. They said Nampo-dong is a nice place with old

    and modern things blended together well and they also pointed out the  outdoor cafe street of Gwangalli Beach as an  impressive site.


    Juergen said, “Wherever I go now, if I hear any news of Busan it will bring memories saying, oh ? my city. I want to promote Busan to the world through blog and Twitter even more. After my stay in Busan is over, I want to publish an e-book about Busan.”


    Currently the two are posting their reviews of Busan on their blog “91days” ( in real time.


    Michael Powell (left) and Juergen Horn (middle) are the operators of “91days” ( (right).

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