Busan’s warm heart captured me whole
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    Foreigner Live Talk Show


    Busan’s warm heart captured me whole


    “To survive in a foreign country other than your home town, challenge and confidence is needed the most.”

    Aug. 4, 2 p.m. British broadcaster Andrew Millard the host of “Foreigner Live Talk Show” at the Busan Global Center of Busan Foundation for International Activities emphasized challenge and self-confidence as the essential points needed for Busan life.



    To the Busan citizens gathered at the center, who have come to meet him despite the hot steamy weather, he introduced himself as “Andrew” and “Andy” not “Andrew (British pronunciation)” from Manchester, London.


    He met his wife, a Busan native, five years ago in England and has completed the masters course at Pusan National University Graduate School of International Studies and is currently a permanent panel at KBS Busan’s “Achim Madang.”


    He started the show by saying, “It is very difficult to marry a foreigner and understand and accept a different culture and life.” He also said that he worked very hard to change to an American English accent since most Koreans are used to American English.


    Millard said he realized the cultural difference during marriage and also expressed his difficulty of living in a foreign country. Unlike English people who become independent at age 20, many young people in Korea still live with their parents even after they become adults and this was surprising to him. However, he was also touched at the filial pious culture and warm hearted Korean.


     “To learn another language, the best and most fast way is to go and live at the country and absorb the language.” He also added that while speaking with the native speakers the learners will make many mistakes but starting conversations and understanding the conversation are the fast way to learn a language.


    Millard commented about thoughts on hosting this live talk show, “It is a very meaningful time, where I can teach the Busan citizens how to learn English.” He said since he is a foreigner and life can be difficult at times, but Busan has always been fun and lively making it worthwhile. Millard praised Songjeong as a recommended tour spot and also said the beautiful night view of Gwangan Bridge is charming.


    Millard also hoped that there will be more support for foreigner instructors as some 95 percent of the foreigners living in Korea are English teachers and instructors.


    Andrew Millard from England poses for picture with the participants after the finishing the “Foreigner Live Talk Show.” During the show he said Busan is a warm-hearted city and an excellent city for foreigners to live in.



  • Aug 14, 2012